We guide you to the Blue Cave Okinawa in English.
Visit us after making a reservation.

Meeting Place

Please come to our shop.
If you have a car navigation, please enter map code.
mc_long[ 206 096 320*76 ]


10 Maeganeku,Onna, Kunigami, Okinawa, JAPAN
沖縄県 国頭郡 恩納村 前兼久 10

Tour Schedule

It takes about two hour each course.
Please come to our shop 15 minutes before a start.

  1. 8:15~
  2. 10:15~
  3. 12:45~
  4. 14:45~
  5. 16:30~(only summer time)

Courses and Fees

Snorkeling.............5,000 yen (16:30~  5,500yen)
Experience Diving .....8,500 yen (16:30~  9,000yen)

Including equipment,insurance,boat fees. No extra fees.
Please bring your swim wears, towels and sandals. (Rental service: 300 yen each)
The excise tax is 8% in Japan.